Combined Life & Long-Term Care Insurance


Protect Yourself From Potential Long-Term Care Expenses: Potential long-term care expense threatens us all.  The cost of a nursing home in Connecticut currently averages about $142,000 per year and will  cost around  $300,000 per year 25-years from now if costs continue to increase at a rate of  3% per year.  Home care and assisted living care are also  very expensive.  Fairport can assist you  to analyze and select insurance and financial planning strategies to cope with this problem.

One of the most cost/effective ways to protect yourself is to buy a hybrid life insurance policy.  This policy would provide  substantial long-term care insurance. If you don’t need the long-term care insurance during your lifetime, this  policy would  pay a death benefit to your heirs that will reimburse your family for all or most of the cost of the premium.  Therefore, the net result of this investment would be that either you would receive a substantial amount of long-term care insurance or your heirs would receive a life insurance benefit equal to approximately the amount of the premium you had paid.

It is important that you obtain this valuable benefit while you are still insurable.  We suggest that you contact us to  discuss this unique opportunity.

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