Guarantee Income For Life

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Guarantee Income For Life

A key objective for many retirees is obtaining additional guaranteed lifetime income that covers the difference between projected living expenses and other sources of guaranteed lifetime income such as Social Security or a pension. Every year, thousands of investors purchase annuities for the purpose of filling this income gap.

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company. We recommend annuities that provide you (and your spouse) with a guaranteed level of sustained, lifetime income. You could receive a higher level of income depending upon the performance of investment indexes or funds selected by you or your advisor, but never less than the guaranteed amount.

The amount of guaranteed income you receive also depends upon:

(1) Your age when the one-time annuity premium is paid;
(2) The amount you invest;
(3) When distributions start; and
(4) The insurance company’s payout rate.

In today’s low-interest rate and no-pension environment, annuities have become a valuable alternative to the retirement income historically provided by bonds or an employer-provided pension.

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